2MK:s Innebandybyxor rekommenderas av världspelare

sami-koskiSAMI KOSKI Seinäjoen Peliveljet, Finnish Champion 2012,2013, WFC silver Finnish league leader in point season 2012-2013
"Comfortable and really nice to wear. With pants on I have more selfesteem to go in contact situations" Using 2MK Pro - pants.




Mikael jarviMIKAEL JÄRVI SSV, WFC gold x 2, several Finnish goldmedals and all time points leader in Finnish league:

"I like 2MK-pants a lot. My playing style is physical. Because I use 2MK-pants I do not get bruises and injuries on those situations. That is why I am more confident on going in those tough contacts" Using 2MK Pro - pants.




  • TATU VÄÄNÄNEN SV Wiler-Ersigen, Finnish Champion 2012,2013, WFC gold and Finnish player of the year 2013 . "I was suppressed how good pants work during the games. Good mobility. No bruises and injuries from contacts with playing 2MK-pants. Before I started to use 2MK-pants I normally had couple of injuries during seasons. Now I haven't had any bruises on tighs." Using 2MK Basic.
  • RICKIE HYVÄRINEN Storvreta IBK, World Champion.
  • RASRMUS SUNDSTEDT Storvreta IBK, World Champion, 2 X WFC silver.
  • OSCAR HÄNNINEN Esport Oilers, 2 X World Champion, 2 x WFC silver, Finnish Champion.

  • JOEL KANEBJÖRK Storvreta IBK, World Champion, WFC silver, Several Swedish Championships, Champions Cup winner.

  • FREDRIK HOLTZ Storvreta IBK, Swedish Champion, Champions Cup -winner.
  • PATRIK SVENSSON Granlo BK, SSL Rookie of the year 2013. " I Liked them directly!"
  • STAFFAN JACOBSON Storvreta IBK, Several Swedish Championships, 2 x Champions cup victory
  • JANNE HULMI Seinäjoen Peliveljet, Finnish Champion 2012, 2013. "No bruises or injuries on tighs. Now when I am used on using 2MK-pants. I do not want to play without pants." Using 2MK Pro-pants.
  • ASSER JÄÄSKELÄINEN Classic, 2 x Finnish silver and one bronzemedal. Most entertaining player in Finland. "First I was sceptic on using pants. Because mobility is very important for me. I was wrong. Pants are very comfortable and easy to use. Pants have saved me from many injurieus. I do not play any game without 2MK-pants. Ever." Using 2MK Basic-pants.

  • TEPPO MÄKELÄ Seinäjoen Peliveljet, Finnish Champion 2012, 2013. "Materials are great. Keeps you warm enough and gives you the needed protection in floorball contact situations." Using 2MK Basic-pants.
  • TOMMI ARO Alligator Malans, 2 x Finnish silver and one bronzemedal, Cup-winner. " Comfortable and light to wear. Gives little bit more of courage in one on one situations. Just the right protection to floorball contacts." Using 2MK Basic-pants.
  • PERTTU PAJUKOSKI Esport Oilers
  • HENRI MYLLYMÄKI Seinäjoen Peliveljet, 2 X Finnish Champion, 2 Finnish silver and Cup winner
  • RIKU KEKKONEN SSV, Finnish silver medalist

  • VELI-MATTI HYNYNEN Happee, Cup winner.


Petri-KaukoPETRI KAUKO Happee, Finnish Cup winner, capten, icon player in Jyväskylä
"I do not even notice pants on. Pants are very comfortable. Keeps my legs exactly warm enough. Not too warm"
Using 2MK Basic - pants.




Tuukka-KivirantaTUUKKA KIVIRANTA Seinäjoen peliveljet, Finnish Champion 2012,2013, Cup -winner and playoff 2012 leader in points:
"Pants are good. Pants helps avoiding bruises and injuries. Very comfortable and light to wear." Käyttää 2MK Basic - pants.

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