2MK Pants Pro - Our first secret

2MK Protection Shorts Pro Model

2MK Pro is the first, the best and the only protective floorball pants designed especially for field players. Pants are light to wear, give excellent protection from hits in game – and don't hinder your running or moving.

2MK Pants Pro is a result of long development, which we started soon after Mikko had a leg injury in 2006. Hit to Mikko's thigh on a game broke an inner vein. The injury was so severe that it almost led to amputation of whole leg. 2MK protective pants were developed to protect especially hips and thighs from hits in game.

We have both used these pants and also the earlier development models for a long time. Also many Finnish and Swedish national team players use them. 2MK Pants give protection from hits and make the playing easier and safer – without hindering your agility or speed. We use these pants in practice and all the way through the season to Championship finals.

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